Why You Should Add Protein Bars to Your Diet

If you have been training for a while now without tracking your macros then you are missing out. By tracking your macro nutrients you will be able to make progress quicker! What you need to look at is calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats and secondary to that fibre and sugar. If you track each then you will know how your body reacts to more or less carbohydrates, proteins and fats. For the secondary macros I only aim for around 20g of fibre a day and to keep the sugars under a quarter of the total carbohydrates. Depending on calorie intake, the range of fats will be between 45 and 75 grams. With my diet I am aiming to become leaner and maintain then build muscle.

Why Protein Bars are an Ideal Addition

Protein bars like cheap Quest bars are an ideal addition to your diet because the macro profile is very good. With 20g of protein per bar and only 7g of carbs, eating these alongside a cup of tea allows you to enjoy eating and also contributing beneficially to your macro targets for each day. The Quest Protein Bars are ideal for those on the go or at work whereby eating other types of food would be more difficult or impossible. If you don’t want to appear different in what you eat, these bars are again super convenient as it is just like eating a chocolate bar/health bar which wouldn’t look out of place in the office tea room or so. Another huge bonus with protein bars is that you can track them very easily. You know each bar is exactly what it says on the wrapper, unlike other foods that you cook as the weights could be a source of error, alongside loss of ingredients when prepping, mixing, cooking, spilling – you get the idea. So, the Quest Protein Bars will be a food source that you can rely on and know that what you are eating macro wise is as accurate as possible.



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